Don’t wanna get sick this monsoon? Get an immune boost.

It’s raining cats n dogs out there again, and it seems like the whole world is falling sick. If you want to not get the sniffles this monsoon, read on. Go to your local pharmacy and get yourself an immune boosting multi-vite. What you are looking for is something that contains:

Vitamin C – at least 200mg. you can go up to 1000mg a day, but make sure its spread evenly throughout the day, else you are just going to piss it all out.

Zinc – 15-25mg. Don’t get anything higher than that, because Zinc over 75mg a day can actually INHIBIT your immune functions… And that’s probably the last thing you want (Unless you are reading this to figure out how TO get sick so you can get on medical leave).

Just these two should give your immune system a nice boost to carry your through. If you think you need something that’s a bit more comprehensive, look for something that also has Vit E of 100-400mg, some selenium, carotenoids (not just beta-carotene), bioflavenoids. All these have data showing that they improve immune function.

If you have already started getting the sniffles, fret not, salvation is here! Vit C, Zinc and the rest have been known to decrease the duration of cold and flu symptoms. So go out and get your health insurance now!

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